Sunday, July 22, 2012

Set Point Theory

In medicine, the term set point refers to any one of a number of quantities (e.g. body weight, body temperature) which the body tries to keep at a particular value. This concept is relevant to practices of physiology and psychology, among others. Example quantities with set points are body weight and happiness, both believed to have values that are difficult to change.  (Wikipedia)

My frequency of posting seems to have a set point of about every 2 months.  I wish I had something cool to blog about.

I recently purchased a Garmin 800.  I did not get cadence, HR, or power as I never use those anyway.  It has been interesting to see some of the data that it spits out.  The mapping feature is nice.  It really works well when I an traveling on strange roads.  I do not have a  mount for every bike, so sometimes it goes into my pocket and I just use to log the ride.  I never keep a training log, but this keeps track of it for me.  No surprise, but my set point for training happens to be riding 3 days per week. Each session has been about and hour and a half, although I have been able to do a 100 mile ride every month since March. That is a change from years past.

We just got back from a week in Clear Lake, Iowa.  I had intentions to ride every day, but ended up with 3 times (my set point again).  We had a great time and spent a lot of time on the water.  A few pics...



Andrew and Zoei

Little Girls

A friend was getting married down there as well, so we did not have to travel far.  I'm convinced that wedding dances are for little kids and young single adults.

Back to real life on Mon.  As far as events coming up, I am thinking about doing the Dairyland Dare, and I'm signed up for the Gravel Conspiracy and Almanzo Gentleman's ride.